Mar 25, 2022 • 41M

Get the Fossil Fuels Turned Off: Soft Climate Denial, Accountability, and Community

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Have you ever been concerned about the climate crisis but unsure what to do about it? Do you care about a livable future but get lost with all the talk about science and policy? Welcome to Climate Convos, your entry level climate podcast from On the Level. Hosts, Lucy Hochschartner (she/hers) and Ingrid Thyr (she/hers) are here to help you step into the climate movement with insightful interviews, activist origin stories, and tools and tips to make change in your community. This is the movement of our lives, and we need everyone — you included — to get involved!
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Join the inaugural episode of Climate Convos, the entry level climate podcast from On the Level. Hosts Lucy Hochschartner (she/hers) and Ingrid Thyr (she/hers) help guide you on your climate action journey with easy conversations about tough topics. Hit play for activist origin stories, insightful interviews with movement leaders, and tools and tips to start making change in your own community. 

This month, we're joined by Patrick Belmont, hydrologist and geomorphologist at Utah State University, to talk about the different forms of climate denial we see in our own lives and how we can hold ourselves accountable to dealing with the reality of the climate crisis.

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